What does it cost?

We charge you what you see.

Hidden Fees
See for yourself!
Amount you'll take $5,000
When you'll take it
When you'll start repaying Pay early, pay less!

We keep things flexible. At any point after taking cash, we make it easy for you to send the cash back, and if you send it before the scheduled date, we'll gladly give you the difference in price back!

Jun 24
Number of repay months 2
Today We send cash to your bank account. And that's it! You paid off a total of $5,200.
Around here you start your job.
Date 2 You send us your first payment. And that's it! You paid off a total of $5,200.
Date 3 You send us your second payment. And that's it! You paid off a total of $5,200.
Date 4 You send us your third payment. And that's it! You paid off a total of $5,200.
Date 5 You send us your fourth payment. And that's it! You paid off a total of $5,200.
Date 6 You send us your fifth payment. And that's it! You paid off a total of $5,200.
Date 7 You send us your sixth payment. And that's it! You paid off a total of $5,200.
You paid $200
To borrow $5,000

Annual Percentage Rate is a number people use to compare different lenders. It determines the cost we charge you for holding onto cash for any given mix of duration and amount!

We always charge a 13.5% APR* (compared to ~15-25% for a fixed-rate credit card), meaning that duration and the amount you take are the only factors affecting the price you see.

* Except in Massachusetts, where we've kept it even cheaper, at 12%.


You pick what we charge you.

As you saw, you can customize your plan and pick exactly how much we charge you, simply by choosing these 2 ingredients:

How much cash you take

Quite simply, the more cash you take the more you get charged. But keep in mind, you don’t have to take it all at once, and you only pay for what you take. (Remember, we unlock 25% of your first 3-months’ salary with your offer letter).

So, we generally recommend taking as much as you know you need or want in the beginning and the rest will be waiting for you until your job starts.

How long you take the cash for

What you pay depends on whether you take cash today, a month from now, or the day before you start working.

Also, in the app, you get to select how many months you’d like to take to pay back so that your plan will work best with your schedule.

Find a better price?
We’ll match it!
You will be hard-pressed to find anyone else that lets you take cash and pay nothing until your job starts. But if you do and they charge less, send us their quote and we’ll give you that price—guaranteed.

Our Business Model

We make money only when you pay us back. We believe in transparent products that have financial responsibility built-in.

We listen to signals that banks aren’t listening to.

Traditional institutions rely on your past (like your credit score), while we focus on your future (like what you’re going to do with these skills you’re building). Your offer letter from your upcoming work is our best signal.

This lets us make the things they should have been making all along.

ThriveCash lets you take cash with literally a few taps and doesn’t ask you to pay back until you start working. The cash arrives in one business day: boom! It doesn't affect your credit score, and anyone with an offer is eligible. Here's a bit more on how we stack up against the others.

And then

Charge you a clear sum for the cash you take.

AKA that number at the bottom of the calculator. That's the only way we make money – no selling data, no hidden fees, none of that! And just like you saw above, we make sure that you know exactly what the plan you choose is going to cost and when.