How do you guys make money?

We listen to signals that banks aren’t listening to

Traditional institutions rely on your past (like your credit score), while we focus on your future (like what you’re going to do with these skills you’re building).

This lets us

Make the things they should have been making all along

For instance, the ThriveCash app, which lets you take cash with a tap and doesn’t ask you to pay back until you start working.

And then

Charge a clear fee whenever you take cash

We make sure that you know exactly what it’s going to cost and when.

What will you do with my offer letter?

Figure out how much cash we can give you

Everything you do with ThriveCash is between you and us – we’ll never share it. We ask for your offer letter because it tells us your salary for the first 3 months.

We calculate: First 3 months’ salary x 25% = $ we can unlock
What if I have trouble paying you back?

We'll make it work

We hope this doesn’t happen of course, but just in case we have built in flexibility and our support team is prepared to work with you the whole way.

If you choose not to pay us back, this will hurt your credit score, making it harder to do things like buy a car or get a mortgage later on.

Anything else on your mind?

Text us or call us anytime at (650) 422-2612
Or drop us a line at!