Why We’re Better

We’re built for students.

ThriveCash works on your schedule, and there are no surprises.

Credit Card
Personal Loan
Am I eligible?
All students with an upcoming offer letter in a state we support are eligible
Likely for one with a lower limit and less-favorable terms, unless you have impressive credit history.
Requires a high credit score or your parents as co-signers
When do I pay?
No payments until you start working
Requires monthly payments starting when you start spending
Requires monthly payments starting immediately
What can I use it for?
It’s just money in your bank account, use it for anything!
Not a cash substitute – can’t use it for greek dues, rent, etc.
For the things you're approved for, and there are many uses that banks will be less likely to approve, like travel.
Are there hidden fees?
No hidden fees, no surprises!
Lots. Hidden fees like: an annual fee, balance transfer fee, finance charge, foreign transaction fee, over-the-limit fee, late fee, oh my!
Also lots. Hidden fees like: an origination fee, early payment fee, application fee, and closing fee.
What does it cost?
We keep it simple! More on cost here
High APRs (typically 15-25%, and up to 30% if "variable") make it expensive for larger or ongoing expenses, which will compound every month where the balance is outstanding
Providers love to advertise low rates, but these are generally unavailable to students.
Is it easy to get $?
Most students finish taking cash in 15 mins.
Sure, as long as whatever you're buying can be bought with credit.
Cumbersome application process with tons of documentation, often taking weeks to get approved and receive the money.
How much can I get?
We unlock 25% of your first 3 months’ salary, ensuring that you borrow what you can definitely pay back
Depends on your credit history. The better or more-existent, the more they'll give.
Without a source of income, generally small amounts if you're approved
Does it affect my credit score?
We use a "soft" credit pull, meaning there is no impact on your score.
Keeping a balance at the end of the month hurts your score, and a poor score can affect insurance rates, your work potential and your home-buying power
They use a "hard" credit pull before approval, which hurts your score until the loan repayment makes up for it. Even if you're not approved, it hurts anyway.